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Other Writers Influenced by James Joyce

Joycean Authors

It is known that James Joyce has influenced more writers and artists than any other author of the twentieth century. His name is mentioned almost as much as Shakespeare, being present in more works than any other writer. James Joyce’s influence and references are seen by uses of Joyce as a fictional character, references to his name as part in popular culture, and literature profoundly influenced by his works. Although the number of Authors who admire him and decided to take his presences through their own work is endless, the most talked about are James Blish, Anthony Burgess, and Philip Dick within many more.

To begin, James Blish is probably thought of as the most intelligent man writing science fiction during his time. During the fifties and sixties, James Blish was thought of as one of the best writers, and he never hide from the public his admiration for James Joyce. The Joycean influences are mainly apparent in A Case of Conscience, Black Easter and The Day after Judgment. Another place where Joyce influence is visible is in “Common Time,” a short story which presents race of aliens called the clinesterton beademungen which means “blessed are they who snore in bed”, a pun Known to be used by James Joyce. Also James Joyce evidently influences British novelist and critic Anthony Burgess for he has written three nonfiction works on James Joyce. These works are ReJoyce, A Shorter Finnegans Wake and Joysprick. Thse works also are full of references to Joyce’s revolutionary style and clever wordplay.
            Furthermore, one of the most original American authors of the last few decades, Philip K. Dick used science fiction as a way to investigate into the nature of identity. He is best known for the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.  James Joyce is mentioned regularly in Dick’s novels, but the most widespread presence is found in The Devine Invasion. In the novel a character named Asher, is tormented by a period of extraterrestrial solitude, begins to discuses Joyce with another alien called an “autochthon.” Dick has been criticized and called “postmodern” but like Joyce, his unique style and narrative provide a structure for a very human journey for understanding and identity. Both Joyce’s and Dick’s novels involve the chaos of modern society, a search and devotion to real truths such as love, and an confirmation of life.

Thus, James Joyce is part of many writers and their work. He is one of those authors who will never be forgotten because his marks are left all throughout. His unique style and witty use of language has place James Joyce as a role model, as an inspiration to those authors which like him place importance in the search for all that gives life its reason. These authors who are largely influenced by him are James Blish, Anthony Burgess, and Philip Dick within many more. The long list of admirers of James Joyce extends to more than twenty who are recently known of. It is known that in the future many more authors will be known who will follow the framework set by James Joyce. He is an exceptional writer who deserves every single of those who follow his ideas.  

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