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Literary Movement James Joyce wrote within


When the Irish Literary Renaissance was ending James Joyce was just beginning.  During this time Joyce brought new techniques of writing that no one had ever used before. His new method was writing in a modernism style. He utilized symbols and imagery to make his works complex. Joyce opened many eyes to this new style of writing.  Through the use of modernism Joyce wrote about very controversial topics such as the Catholic Church and sexual issues. Joyce was seen as a rebel for his new writing style and, many of his books were often banned and were always under protest from his critics. Today, his works have become some of the most read novels in the world.  The strong topics found in his books can be explained with Joyce earlier life as he began to spend money on prostitutes. This is why many of his novel refer in varies occasions to the sexual desires of men.

In addition, Joyce began to read Byron, Meredith, Hardy, Isben and William Butler Yeats shaping his writing style. Also the experience Joyce had at the college framed his personality and public image. Furthermore, when Joyce was in College the Nationalist Movement was taking place, a movement by a local branch of the Gaelic league, but the most influential movement on Joyce was the Irish Literary Renaissance. This movement sparked Joyce to write a paper "Drama and Life" about the objections of school authorities bring up again his love for writing. Joyce made great use of the interior-monologue method. He used this method to show the innermost thoughts and feelings of a character becoming his first step towards modernism. Joyce showed that people do not need to conform to society and can go out and pursue his or her skill.

            Hence, James Joyce opened many peoples’ eyes to modernism through his writing. With this new style, many people understood the modernism movement. Readers could now see the beauty and art in literature. Although Joyce’s books were somewhat controversial, people were able to see past the controversial issues and get a feel for Modernism. Joyce is one of many writers who opened the door for Modernism to become mainstream and his works will be used for years to come. Although during his times his novels were unwelcome and criticized, James Joyce created the groundwork for writer who came after him. James Joyce has become one of the most read and influential writers and serving as a founder of a literary movement has a great deal to do with it.

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