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If only simply read James Joyce’s books without prior knowledge of his personal life one might think the he was extremely unhappy. Joyce led the way and was a model for authors who believed in freedom of expression no matter what this may bring. This is clearly seen through his negative and even risky themes. Some of the themes for which James Joyce is known include death, Sexually transmitted diseases, and Religious themes. It was James Joyce determination to speak forth with no regard to his critics what developed him into a role model for other authors.

To begin, many of his works, which include imaginative language, criticized because of being too dark in their suggestion and too honest or descriptive in their mentioning of intimate matters, including sexual relations. His writing evolved from immature to the strong combination of autobiography and satire creating much turmoil in the way. The majority of his works deals with everyday life in 20thcentury Dublin, his place of residence for quite a while. Joyce stated once that “the extraordinary is the province of journalists,” and that was why most of his writings concentrate purely on everyday people, objects, and places than shaped their ordinary lives.

Furthermore, even if Joyce abandoned the Roman Catholic faith, his writings commonly refer to the rich and strict tradition of the Church. He in many of his writings compared the artist or the writer to the priest, who according to him perform certain social and artistic functions in order to achieve a dramatic display. He also compared the literary use of symbols to the religious use of sacraments, by stating that they are the priest and writers way of showing what is invisible or in a spiritual state.  Also his relation with religion extended to the point where Joyce called some of his early drafts epiphanies; a word often used in religious context, which refers to the understanding that comes through an instinctive realization. On his case James Joyce called an epiphany small descriptive moment, action, or phrase that hold much larger meaning in his writing.

Thus, although James Joyce is greatly admired by some others find him to have been too direct in his words. Although his most common theme was Religious, his criticism of which was one of the reasons for which other critics found his writing to be too strong. Also, his blunt statement referring to sexuality and death are what have placed James Joyce in the mind of all those who have read his work either hospitably or negatively. It is evident the one of the things that will bring an author popularity is the ability of his audience to relate and be capture in the piece and this is what James Joyce did best.    

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