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Style Analysis

An Unique Style

James Joyce’s small amount of works is an unforgettable shadow that has touched readers even to this point and will continue to do so. He could not be considered a productive writer, because he only a handful of poems, two plays, a book of short stories, and only three complete "novels." Regardless of the mass of his work, James Joyce's works cause extreme impact, each of his works are a small universe between pages, there are meaning within meaning until the words seem to be alive. Joyce’s works are thought of as dense; his works are known to contain the means needed to destroy previous observations. Joyce's works are demanding, shameless, and pitiless, but also beautiful, unexplained, and persuasive. In the world of English Literature, Joyce has been compared to Shakespeare, and it would be hard to imagine modern literature without him.

Although so many graet things are said and known about James Joyce his works are not widely read.  James Joyce’s style is revolutionary, and influential, but many find it to be terribly difficult. Many consider Ulysses to be an acid test, and Finnegans Wake to be impossible to understand. James Joyce’s books are complicated and obscure and also Joyce has a reputation of being a "scholastic" writer and as a result many readers feel one must be a genius to understand him. At times compared to Shakespeare, Joyce exists in the minds of readers as a unclear, distant figure, an incomprehensible but important part of literature, not meant for the everyday reader. It is probable that anyone who has read Ulysses, will admit that it was their favorite book. James Joyce’s novels are those that one can read a dozen times and each time discover a plethora of new words, punning double-meanings, and challenging puzzles. Joyce’s great impact is seen by the amount of Joyce foundations and organizations, Joyce reading groups, Joyce drinking clubs, Joyce symphonies and oratorios, Joyce pub-crawls, a Joyce literary marathon, and even an unofficial world-wide holiday called Bloomsday, the day Ulysses takes place. Joyce’s writing was excusably dedicated to the human nature with a close attention to the human pleasures, uncertainties, worries, exposures, happiness, illusion, and disappointment.  Overall James Joyce was never reluctant to follow his instincts.

         Hence, Joyce knew he was capable of doing much more than just writing about life, he could capture in the white pages of a book. He was willing to use radical rethinking in order to reach his purpose. James Joyce’s prose style, narrative technique, and even language was all manipulates to his will all to reach his purpose. Everything in Joyce's writing has a purpose, it is dense because even ones most ordinary thoughts are multi layered and so are his works. If it is indefinable, it is because ones minds do not always follow the logic of everyday. If it is filled with unclear allusions, it is because one learns truths through what is witnessed in the immediate world around us. If his works take the readers through a maze, it is because the human heart demand no less an honest description of what life is. Finally Joyce's works are truly meant for everyone not just professors, but the everyday worker as well. Although many find his work difficult, in the cunning eye of his prose, in the clever lie of his fiction, Joyce describing the lives of every single one of his readers.

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